The Podcasting Film Critics Association (PFCA) is a professional association representing journalism in film with membership composed of critics, pundits, and reporters whose sole or primary medium are podcasts, or online digital broadcast. The primary mission of the PFCA is to promote collaborative interaction between its member to help educate and inform audiences interested in the cinematic arts, while supporting and encouraging the highest standards of excellence in regards to journalistic integrity and practice.

Recent News

PFCA Fall 2014 Update

The Podcasting Film Critics Association (PFCA) is ready for the 2014 Awards Season! Over the past several months, the PFCA reviewed many applicants for membership for our inaugural cohort. After careful consideration, membership was extended to several outlets who best met the highest journalistic standards.

Together, the association will now move forward to begin work on the First Annual PFCA Awards. These awards will be bestowed upon the films of 2014 that receive the highest accolades from the members of the PFCA in a variety of categories, as determined by voting.

If you represent a studio and wish to submit films for consideration in the 2014 PFCA Awards, please write to to arrange distribution.


Please note that the PFCA is still accepting membership applications, however the turnaround time for review may be longer in these coming months.

Welcome from the Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Board of the Trustees, welcome to the inaugural year of the Podcasting Film Critics Association (PFCA). The purpose of this organization is to create a community of podcasts, and podcasters, who share a passion for cinema … Continued